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Hitorra America is a Consultant, Contracting / Outsourcing and Technology Services solution provider. We provide services throughout North America. Hitorra brings domain expertise across Cloud, Compute, OS, Virtualization, SAN, Storage, Backup & Recovery, Network, Security, Unified Communications/Collaboration and BYOD solutions to help execute small and large scale projects seamless.

Problems & Solutions

Problem Worth Solving: Constantly changing technology and demands for seamless integration put organizations at risk to staff sufficient and effective resources to meet new build requirements in addition to responding to change within existing infrastructure.

Change in one simple element of an integrated infrastructure can have unforeseen impacts on either or both performance and interoperability.

Hitorra America foundation and strength is based on trust. Trust in the competence of our technical resources and in our business culture to do what we say and say what we mean.

Our solution

We select and staff only the best technical and management teams. Our culture is to listen to your needs and not propose a ‘one-size-fits-all’ kind of solution, but to hear our client’s needs and situation and tailor the proposed technology solution accordingly. In addition, we recognize that problems and environments evolve; this means that the ongoing dialog and feedback with and from the Hitorra America management team has that dynamic need to adapt as projects proceed very much in mind.

This again is part of our key ingredient: Trust
Trust in the talent of our technical resources and trust that our primary goal is to do what is right for our client’s situation.

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