Public Cloud

The public cloud provides multiple business benefits, but the journey to get there can be a bit overwhelming.  At Hitorra America, we leverage our many years of experience with a keen understanding of your computing, storage, and enterprise needs to create public, private, and hybrid cloud based services that will help your business grow.
Our joint partnership before, during, and after cloud migration, brings the expertise, tools, and knowledge to make it a smooth and successful transformation.

Architecture Consulting Services

Hitorra America embraces the digital age in the way it executes design and production and monitors design conformance. Being a small organization that has teaming capabilities with many other companies, we do much of our work onsite, remotely and intelligently. We team effectively based on the project’s needs. We use Onshore, Offshore, Nearshore technical resources so that geography is not a factor. This keeps our fixed overhead costs down, allowing us to pass the savings on to our Clients.

Cloud Services

Cloud Services is now available for companies of all sizes. Cloud Computing and Virtualization technology gives your business access to vastly increased storage, computing and networking hardware. Enjoy the benefits of unbeatable up-time, reduced operating expense and simplified scalability. Now your files, applications and email can be accessed seamlessly from anywhere over a broadband internet connection. Whether your business is mobile, traditional or multi-location, Hitorra America will help companies to accelerate the migration progress to the cloud.

UCCAS Services

Unified Communication and Collaboration solutions are evolving rapidly and becoming more and more complicated for organizations to implement and manage. Technologies like cloud computing and smartphones are changing the way workers communicate and collaborate with each other and their customers. Organizations are looking to emerging technologies to boost productivity, cut costs, and offer new experiences to their customers. The latest technologies can be complex to deploy and integrate. Without a roadmap, how do you select the right mix of technologies to enable secure, robust, feature-rich Unified Communication and Collaboration solutions while reducing cost and complexity? Hitorra America can provide the roadmap.

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Hitorra America is ready to help your organization secure, modernize, and grow through the use of leading-edge technology solutions. Contact our team to start today!

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